Military Specials

At the Burlington Used Car Superstore, we appreciate the men and woman who serve in the military. We show that appreciation by extending military loans and incentives to any active military member and those in their immediate family. Military loans are different than regular auto loans and include a few more perks.

By joining the military, you have chosen to commit yourself to a job that provides stable income and lasts for years. When it comes to military loans, this takes precedence over your credit score. Even if your credit score is very low, or you have no credit at all, by having a stable job that you have committed to for a number of years, you have proven yourself worthy of a loan.

Not only do military loans have a lower interest rate than regular loans, but the payment plans are also more flexible. We understand that active members in the military are not always in a situation to reach a bank to make a payment, and are therefore more lenient when it comes to on-time payments. Additionally, you may choose a payment plan that extends over a longer period of time than normal auto loans.

Applying for a military auto loan is quick, simple and rewarding. Give yourself and your family the reward all those in support of the military deserve.

The benefits of Military loans

Your credit score is not important
Lower interest rates
Flexible payment plans